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The Danger of Having

We live in a culture that craves. It lusts and teaches lust… for things, for stuff, for others. It promotes personal gain and sets a standard which says that if you do not pursue you are lazy and less than. It says if you do not have… you are … [Read more...]

Running With All His Heart

This is the second blog in our Another Brother series, and it takes place in the frozen north of our country… at least in the winter months. As one who speaks to many HopeQuest alumni on a regular basis I learn of many ways people cope with their … [Read more...]

What The Bible Says About Recovery

People have said that the Bible can be boiled down to four words to describe its theme: creation, fall, Jesus, and restoration. That last word, restoration, is very similar in its meaning to the word recovery, so we can know that the concept of … [Read more...]

The Fruit Of The Spirit Is…

For those of us in recovery, the loudest voice of negativity we hear on our journey almost always comes from ourselves. There is no one who speaks more harshly to me than me. Can you relate? I have spoken with enough men to assume you probably … [Read more...]