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The “Perfect Family”

Have you ever wished your family was like theirs? You know the one. They come into church smiling and seemingly altogether. They have pressed khakis, button-down shirts, and perfectly parted hair. Their kids come in, holding hands and laughing. You are asking yourself, “How do they do it”?


Pre-Church Attitude

Maybe you have flashbacks to earlier that morning, your kids fighting, and your spouse not moving as fast as you would like. They seem to be in their own little world and oblivious to your apparent need for help. Arguments ensue in the car, and you just remembered you left the baby’s diaper bag at home.

It is clear that you are going to be late…again. You pull into the parking lot…time for game face. It’s show time! We want to be the “perfect family.”

Church Culture

The pressure in our culture (especially church culture) to manage our appearances is huge!

We have come to believe this lie that if we don’t have it altogether (spiritually or otherwise), it somehow reflects on God’s character and reputation.

Individuals and families crumble under this unhealthy pressure, which promotes secrecy, dishonesty, and mask-wearing environments.

What Can You Do to Fix the Problem

Over the next few weeks, we will give you, our HopeQuest family, some quick and easy tools to enhance your friend and family relationships. These will be some simple skills families use at our Friends and Family seminars. They are simple and can be used right away!

Do you have any “perfect family’ stories you’d like to share? Reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter. We’d love to hear your story. It helps to know when you aren’t alone!