the hopequest difference


What is the HopeQuest difference? It’s the distinctives that set us apart from other treatment centers, and we believe they give you an advantage on your journey of recovery from addiction. It is this difference that we think will help you realize HopeQuest is the best place for you.


Trek is a truly unique program for Christians seeking help with addiction. Many addiction treatment programs today simply offer a Christian “track” within a larger treatment program. Trek, however, is a fully-integrated, Christ-centered program. Clients have a campus pastor who teaches daily and provides weekly pastoral counseling. Time for daily devotion and weekly worship are woven into the program because we believe that a growing and connected relationship with God is vital to recovery.


God makes provision for our physical and emotional pain through His Word, as well as the truth He has revealed to us through nature and scientific study. We believe that current neurological and psychological studies play a vital role in understanding and treating addiction. Therefore, the program curriculum draws from current evidence-based treatments for addiction, as well as Scripture to provide a treatment experience that is both Christ-centered and clinically-effective.


Relationally-Driven Approach

Unlike some treatment centers that focus on changing behaviors, we believe that successful recovery from addiction is only possible in the context of connected relationships. Since we were created for relationship with God and others, safe community is vital to our healing and growth. Therefore, all of our therapeutic interventions, program curriculum and program structure are focused on strengthening relationship with self (self-acceptance), relationship with God and relationship with others.


Long-Term Treatment

While many current treatment programs are short term (averaging 28 days), we have found that individuals struggling with addiction have a better understanding of the core issues behind their addiction, as well as more tools to maintain sobriety when they enter a longer treatment program. Therefore, Trek is designed to be a 12-week program ensuring that clients have maximum opportunity to internalize recovery principles and relapse prevention strategies.

Peaceful, Home-Like Setting

We often hear how our beautiful campus feels more like a home than rehab. Our residences are comfortably furnished and decorated to create a home-like environment that promotes a sense of comfort and safety. We also have a devoted and talented Food Service Director who prepares and plans delicious meals for our clients each day.

Focus on Core Issues

At HopeQuest, we believe that true change only happens when we address the hurts and issues of the heart. Instead of focusing on changing behaviors, we help our clients face the internal pain and fear they have been trying to escape through their addiction. We teach our clients how to express emotions in healthy ways, and we support them while they learn to share their feelings with other clients and their own family members. Our Master’s level, licensed clinicians engage clients in individual and group therapy during their time in Trek to work on the core issues driving addictive behavior.