church crisis consulting

National headlines and local news reports remind us that the church today is not immune to crises and scandal. Whether it is a moral failure, financial indiscretion or some other questionable behavior, a leadership crisis has a significant negative impact on the church as a whole. Navigating the situation with both wisdom and grace is critical to the recovery and continued growth of the church.

Likewise, if a church member is caught in an inappropriate relationship or accused of sexual misconduct, the church leadership faces challenging decisions in managing the repercussions of the situation within the church itself as well as the local community.

As a part of our commitment to the local church, we offer church crisis consulting as a resource to leaders and churches who find themselves in difficult situations because of moral failures. For the past 15 years, we have been helping churches and their leadership navigate crises for the best possible outcome–both for the person who has sinned and for the church body. Our balanced approach keeps in mind the practical realities of liability and church reputation, as well as the spiritual realities of grace and truth. Our goal is creating the best opportunity for healing and restoration for everyone involved.

Let us walk with you in addressing the challenging and unexpected crisis within your church or leadership team.