success stories

“This has totally changed my outlook on my life. Who I am, who I can become and helped me grow in my relationships outside of Trek in a healthy way.”
–Gene B.


“I would say that this has been a life changing experience. I’ve been able to learn so many things about myself that will change my life. This program has meant a release from shame – a release from my old life and addiction and has given me a chance at a new life and a new start. My life is different because I now know how I feel. I understand my negative core beliefs and how to cope in healthy ways when I’m feeling down. I can now also be authentic with my loved ones. I have a new life!”
–Harvey G.


“My experience here has been life altering. I have grown more assertive, I’ve grown as a leader, and I’ve learned to express my feelings more efficiently. This program has given my hope for my marriage and that I will become a better husband and father.”
–Robert S.


“I originally thought my time here at HopeQuest was going to be a time of sackcloth and ashes. I know now it was absolutely vital for me in learning how to become the man God wants me to be. I feel confident about God’s work in me because through HopeQuest, and I have the tools and direction necessary for those changes. My life is absolutely better and on a better track with a better path as a result of my time at HopeQuest.”
–Johnny K.


“My life has truly been changed. My shame is gone; I feel free and unchained to my addiction. I have a second at life again and a chance to start a new marriage and to be a different father to my kids. I finally have real, authentic relationships with other men and look forward to pursuing more real, vulnerable relationships once I leave Trek. I don’t need my addiction to make me feel worthwhile. I know that other people can meet my needs if I let them know, and I believe that I am a worthy, lovable person. I’m not perfect and never will be, but I can be loved by others who know the truth about me.”
–Sean J.


“Looking back over my time here from when I arrived until now, my life and outlook on life has completely changed. God has saved me, and He let me know it by bringing me here. This program has represented life to me. I’ve experienced healthy relationships, being in tune with my feelings and emotions, having a full and real life, and knowing that I matter and am worthy and lovable. My life is different because I firmly know who I am, and on top of that, I know whose I am. God moving and working in this place has changed my heart from loving out of fear of rejection and abandonment to loving because I am free to love others, especially my wife, without any exceptions or reservations because I’m not looking for others to meet ALL my needs anymore. I am forever grateful to HopeQuest. I have been able to be more real here than anywhere ever before. I have built the most intimate relationships with other men that I’ve ever had. I’ve experienced vulnerability and transparency. I’ve gone from fear of it to embracing it. Basically, my life is completely different.”
–Keith H.