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5 Reasons Why Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)is a Great Secret Weapon to Overcome Addiction

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Did you know that an Intensive Outpatient Program can be the secret weapon in addiction treatment? If you have ever tried to find freedom from addiction, you are probably familiar with several tried and true tools that have helped countless people recover and get their life back. These include residential addiction treatment (like our Trek Program) and of course support groups like AA/SA, Celebrate Recovery, and our WF & Journey groups. While these resources have been around for years and have helped many in their quest for freedom, there is another option available for treating addiction.

It’s called IOP, or Intensive Outpatient Program. IOP is an intermediate care option, sitting between longer-term residential treatment and peer-led support groups.

There are several reasons why this increasingly popular treatment level is indeed the secret weapon of addiction treatment. Let me explain a few.

1) Real-life immediate application.

Long-term residential treatment can create an artificial environment that protects a person from the triggers and challenges of real life. In IOP treatment, individuals stay in their real-life work and living environments. This gives the opportunity to apply what is being learned as life is happening. As triggers or challenges arise, a person has the safe and supportive IOP setting to navigate those challenges.

2) Intense but not life disrupting.

While support groups and counseling can be very helpful, they are often not intense enough. Trauma and mental health issues are often obstacles to successful recovery. An IOP is an evidence-based mixture of group and individual therapy led by a counseling professional. Therefore, it allows individuals to receive a higher level of care without having to take time off work or totally disrupt their life. There is a level of structure and accountability that is helpful in creating new paths of freedom. The bottom line is, choosing an outpatient program allows you to keep your family and professional life intact while still working through the recovery process.

3) Cost effective.

Addiction treatment can be expensive, and IOP is far more affordable than residential models. IOP offers many of the same treatments and services as an inpatient program, so it is an effective way to get trauma-informed professional treatment at a much lower cost. Additionally, a person can continue to earn income while in the program, lessening the financial impact of getting addiction treatment.

4) Maximize relational connections.

Relationships are vital to addiction treatment and recovery. IOP allows access to the best of both worlds. Professionals with training, peers going through treatment together, and family/community relationships are all available when doing IOP treatment. Each of these sources for relational connection play a key role in successful addiction treatment. Their roles are maximized in IOP due to the ability to relate to all 3 resources at the same time.

5) Effective transition from detox.

Often the first step in addiction treatment is detox. Safely ceasing substance abuse is vital but only a first step. If more treatment is not pursued after detoxing, the rate of return to use (relapse) is incredibly high. IOP is an excellent next step after detox that can build on momentum while helping resolve core issues that drive addictive behaviors.

You can see by these reasons why we consider IOP to be a very effective secret weapon for addiction treatment. For some people, IOP really is the best option. Intensive outpatient programs are structured so that you come to the facility for treatment at designated times, certain days a week and return home or to work each day. Typically, participating individuals have 3 days of group sessions lasting 3 hours each and an individual counseling session every week.

HopeQuest’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Here at HopeQuest our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides the perfect transition for those who have just left detox or short-term inpatient treatment, have complicated addiction histories with multiple relapses, or are new to recovery. The HopeQuest IOP in Woodstock, GA, uses a unique four-tiered approach that includes intensive group therapy, individual trauma-informed therapy, evidence-based education, and relational/spiritual connection to support long-term recovery.

Our 12-week program is designed to give extra clinical and spiritual support during the early weeks of recovery when the risk of relapse is highest. We ensure flexibility, working your treatment hours around your personal schedule so that you don’t need to sacrifice other aspects of your life to get sober. In addition, HopeQuest offers a Sober Living program for individuals that need safe housing while they are in IOP, or for longer term care after residential.

I am a firm believer that IOP is indeed a secret weapon for addiction treatment. If you are in the Woodstock or Greater Atlanta area, give us a call and let’s see if the HopeQuest IOP is right for you.

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