what we treat

Here at HopeQuest, our multidisciplinary team of experts in the fields of medicine, behavior and spirituality use an integrated system of therapeutic modalities to help clients face and overcome the addictive and life-dominating behaviors impacting their lives. While we realize that clients come to us seeking help with their addiction, we also understand that their addiction is simply one part of their story. Often times, their stories are filled with unresolved hurt and shame that are fueling their addictive behaviors. Our team walks with clients as they face these painful realities.







In the safety of our program, clients have the opportunity to face their problems and turn the page to a new chapter of their life in which addiction is no longer every word on the page. They are able to accept themselves, relate to others in healthy ways, and address the trauma that has fueled their addiction. They learn new ways to express themselves and effective strategies for managing stress and problems. Our unique and proven approach helps clients find lasting freedom from their addictive behaviors. More importantly, our clients experience real transformation and find their truest selves.