support groups

At HopeQuest we strive to provide safe places for people to experience an authentic spiritual community leading to freedom in Christ from life dominating struggles and strategies.


The goal is real freedom—personal holiness built on personal relationships with God and others. Our support groups help you deal with the root causes of selfish behavior in your life and points you in the direction of rightly relating to God and the people He has placed in your life.

Our focus is on developing real and authentic relationships that will combat addiction and other life dominating issues through intentional connection. Essential to accomplishing this is to provide a safe environment where we honor confidentiality, avoid triggers, and do not judge or pressure each other. Groups are offered for any issue that limits freedom, hope, and life and are open to anyone.

Depending on the support group, the focus may be feeling or curriculum focused, and discussion based. We allow crosstalk within the groups because we want to build strength and resiliency by listening to each other and giving positive feedback.

We exalt the uniqueness of each person by meeting him or her where he or she is at, which often involves remembering where we started ourselves. As we go together, we will experience the life and freedom that God created us to experience by cooperating with Him as He works in us.

We are all on a journey, but we do not go alone.

Our oneness of struggle and trauma experiences unite us.

(for Men struggling with pornography and sex addiction)

(for wives of men struggling with sex addiction)

(for anyone being impacted by addiction)

Looking to Start a Support Group?

It is no secret that pornography addiction and other types of sexual sin are increasingly impacting individuals and families in our church congregations. Many church leaders are aware of the need to effectively address this growing crisis, but they are unsure about how to respond.

For over 15 years, HopeQuest has been providing safe and authentic support group environments for men and their wives impacted by pornography addiction and other life- dominating sexual behaviors (serial affairs, prostitution, anonymous encounters, strip clubs, etc). We have developed a successful model for creating safe and authentic support groups in your local church. This model, along with facilitator training and proven resources, is available to vocational and lay leaders who are interested in effectively ministering to those struggling with sexual addiction within the Body of Christ.

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