Built on the highly effective, nationally recognized HopeQuest model, the Trek:IOP (intensive outpatient program) was developed to utilize proven counseling methods integrated with Biblically based and Christ centered principles leading to lasting change. We’ve been recognized as the top IOP Woodstock GA has to offer.


Our IOP Woodstock GA therapy consists of nine hours of group counseling and one hour of individual counseling each week. The program is 12 weeks in length dependent on need. All group sessions are held at night, allowing participants to maintain a job during the day while still being able to participate in a clinically effective and robust treatment program. All participants will work with their counselor to develop an individualized treatment plan based on their specific biological, psychological, social, and spiritual needs. We believe a good treatment plan is holistic in nature and that no two treatment plans are the same. The goal of intensive outpatient therapy is to help those struggling with addiction develop tools to live happy and free. Much of what we do involves working on becoming reconnected with God, our family, and our future.

Trek:IOP is for those who are looking to continue the next step their treatment or who are unable to attend a residential program due to vocational or family obligations.

trek:iop highlights

  • A 12 week intensive out-patient treatment program on our beautiful 18 acre campus
  • Conveniently located for Woodstock, Acworth, and surrounding areas
  • Open to men 18 years and older
  • Weekly groups and individual counseling
  • Comprehensive assessment and evaluation process
  • Treatment provided for co-occurring disorders
  • Comprehensive continuing-care program available
  • Referrals for residential sober living transitional program available

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