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True Faced

For this month’s resource recommendation, I read True Faced by John Lynch.

What is it about: TrueFaced is a book dissecting the idea that there are two underlying motives in Christianity: to please God or to trust Him (without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6)). One results in striving to be good enough, fix your sin, “trying”, and it never feels like enough to please Him. The other results in a trust that changes your life, and leads to a path of God’s dreams and destiny for you.

Why did I read it: At HopeQuest, Truefaced is a part of our client library and is often read as a part of their journey to healing and restoration. It draws such clear word pictures about what Christianity is truly about. Lynch involves the reader by invoking questions and applying real life situations. It gives a refreshing meaning to the word “grace.”

Favorite idea: God’s final objective for us is not resolving our sin, or “getting well”, God resolved our sin through Jesus. It’s maturing us into who he says we are, and then releasing us into the dreams he designed for us before the world began. God’s dreams for us are the ultimate goal. So working on my sin issues WITH God (not on my own), maturing, and trusting who God says I am, leads to God’s dreams for me.

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