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Trek – Week Eight

Real Life is a therapeutic group process which occurs every Monday through Friday in the Trek Program. All clients participate, and the group is facilitated by a counselor.

Real Life is a fantastic opportunity to practice articulating accurate and authentic emotional language and using the Trek communication tools.

Here are some additional communication tools that guide the Real Life process each day:

Making Amends: an effort to make a relationship right by taking ownership of a behavior or attitude that was offensive or hurtful to another

Giving Affirmation: giving validation to another’s behavior or attitude as being helpful or encouraging

Offering a Challenge: an effort to help others by inviting them to examine specific behaviors and attitudes that are inconsistent with recovery and community

Sharing Feelings: expressing specific feelings related to a circumstance, a person or an event in order to express, communicate and develop intimacy with others

Respecting Yourself and Others: stand up and keep hands by your side (open posture), strive to maintain eye contact, use the “I feel ______, about ______, because ______.” format

Trek Orientation Module

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