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Getting proven and effective help is just a conversation away. The journey begins with a phone call or email to our admissions team who will listen compassionately, offer an initial assessment, and provide helpful direction about next steps in getting the help you or your loved one need.

Call our admissions team today at 678.391.5950, or email


You can reach the admissions team at HopeQuest Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. Once you have connected with the admissions team and expressed your interest in our addiction treatment program, you will receive an email with an application attached.  Please respond to this email with a copy of the front and back of your insurance card so we can run a VOB (verification of benefits). While you wait to hear back from our admissions team, please complete and return the application. Our admissions team will contact you once they receive your VOB back to review insurance information with you.


HopeQuest can bill your insurance for treatment as an out-of-network provider.  The following information will help you understand the insurance process of you are planning on using insurance to pay a portion of your tuition.

Insurance Benefits Verification

Upon receiving from you a legible copy of your current insurance card and your date of birth, we will contact your insurance company and request information about your out-of-network Behavioral Health benefits, specifically the benefit for intensive out-patient treatment.  This quote of benefits is NOT an approval for treatment.

Financial Options Review

Our staff will review your insurance benefits, treatment history, and current situation to provide and opinion on the likelihood of insurance authorizing coverage for intensive out-patient at this time.  This is an educated guess and NOT a guarantee.

Insurance Authorization Process

Upon your admission into the program, all of your current medical and clinical data will be shared with your insurance company requesting authorization for IOP treatment.  Your first insurance authorization is based upon an initial clinical evaluation.  In some cases, the insurance provider could decide that IOP treatment is not necessary, resulting in your provider not authorizing payment for your treatment.  Your provider might, however, authorize a lesser level of reimbursement that would still apply toward your tuition.

Insurance providers will typically authorize payments in 12-24 day increments starting with your first day.  An insurance provider may decide to discontinue paying for treatment after each of these intervals based on their specific guidelines.  The length of time that insurance authorizes for coverage is not determined by HopeQuest and will not coincide with our 6-16 weeks IOP.

Denial of Coverage

In the case of a difference in opinion between HopeQuest and your insurance company about necessity of care, you may receive a denial of coverage.  Upon denial of coverage, HopeQuest will notify the client/guarantor in a timely manner. We will discuss with you possible options, which may include appealing the decision or transitioning you to a private pay status.  The outcome of any appeal discussion between HopeQuest and your insurance company may take at least thirty (30) days.  If you have additional questions or need more information, please contact our Admissions Department.

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