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Journey – Week Thirty-Seven

(Today) we are going to talk about disclosure. Any idea about what I mean by that word? 

In the context of this lesson what I mean by disclosure is the process in which a man who struggles with sexual addiction tells others about his sexual behaviors.

There are three kinds of strugglers I have experienced on this journey: a struggler who gets caught and wants help, a struggler who gets caught and doesn’t want help, and a struggler who wants help so much that he seeks it before he gets caught. In whatever category your guy falls, probably the first person he told about his addictive struggle with sex was a counselor or a pastor. And then he told you.

Right now I’m thinking back to the phone call in which I heard Troy tell me that he had been unfaithful. I remember that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach and all of the questions that came rushing into my mind. And then the ominous black hole of grief that seemed to swallow me. 

Think about that time in your life—not about when you or someone else caught him, but the first time he with his own mouth told you what he had done. 

–Melissa Haas, The Journey: Book One

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