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COVID-19 Public Statement

Dear HopeQuest Family,

There is no doubt that we are living in unprecedented times as together we face realities and concerns surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  At the HopeQuest Ministry Group, nothing matters more to us than the physical, emotional and spiritual health of those men God has entrusted to us for help. In doing our part to face this challenge well, we have continued to execute policies we have had in place that keep our clients, families, and staff safe.  Because of our normal preparation, we have been able to follow the recommended best communicated by the CDC while continuing to provide the appropriate treatment for our clients as it applies to their recovery. During this extraordinary time, we want to give extra focus to ensure the safety of HopeQuest clients and staff. Below you will find several key questions answered. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us. Wisdom involves communicating, following guidelines, praying, and ultimately trusting God. We promise to do all four together with you as I know God will continue to guide and protect us all.

  1. Is HopeQuest still open and taking new clients?
    • The short answer is yes. Not only are we continuing to take in new clients, HopeQuest might very well be the safest place they can be as they work on their recovery.
    • In times like these, addiction flourishes with uncertainty, isolation and other challenges. As addiction takes advantage of this crisis and spirals men deeper, please remember only recovery saves lives impacted by addiction. We must stay open to continue to serve those men who are finally ready to take a real step toward freedom and hope.
    • We have revised our admissions department pre-screening and screening process to include specific health screenings, international and domestic travel, and family members’ risk potential. Anyone deemed a possible risk will not be allowed on campus. 
    • We currently have clients in Residential, PHP, and Transitional Living housing. Please pray for their safety (see increased protocols and info below). Most of all pray for their continued transformation and recovery.
    • If you need more info about an admission or potential client, please contact our Admissions Team, as they would be happy to help you make an informed and wise decision.
  1. How are we keeping clients and staff safe?
    • We normally adhere to universal healthcare precaution measures to prevent the spread of any infection and have elected to add additional measures to ensure the health of our clients, employees, and visitors. These include following CDC guidelines especially in the areas of handwashing, sanitizing living/workspaces, and social distancing.
    • We have canceled all outings and off-campus activities for the clients.
    • We have restricted visitor access at our residences.
    • Our medical team has done additional training with both the clients and staff to ensure they are aware of all policies and practices meant to keep everyone safe.
    • All clients and staff have regular health and temperature checks by our medical team.
    • We have protocols in place and are prepared to isolate/quarantine staff or clients that are exposed or test positive for COVID-19 in order to ensure client and staff safety.
  1. What about HopeQuest events and meetings?
    • Family sessions are being done via technology to limit contact.
    • We are working on contingency plans for our April Reclaiming Families Weekend.
    • All Walking Free, Journey, and Freedom Experience groups are not meeting in person and, where possible, will move to online formats for the foreseeable future.
    • The Journey Retreat has been canceled. A decision will be made later regarding the Walking Free Retreat as it is not until the last weekend in April.
  1. What can you do to help HopeQuest?
    • Pray – while we follow the guidelines of experts and direction from authorities, our trust is wholly in God. Please pray that God will keep our clients and staff safe. More so, pray that God would do the transforming work that only He can do. In addition, there are men and families wanting to get help so please pray all barriers to their being with us would be overcome.
    • Refer – if you know someone that is struggling, we are here to help. It is rarely the “best” time to get treatment, but it is always the “right” time. Our Admissions Team is available to answer any questions and help people make wise and informed decisions.
    • Give – every single year our financial partners make it possible for men that could otherwise not afford help to receive it. Around 80% of our operating costs are generated via program revenue including insurance and client fees. That allows us to point 100% of our donations toward client scholarships and not operating expenses. With the economic impact of this crisis, your help is needed more than ever. Please consider helping us help others by donating. Every gift you share makes a significant difference.

We are so thankful for you. Know that your help really does make a difference. It is a huge encouragement for me, the staff and our clients to know that you are praying for us. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.


Troy Haas 


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