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Trusting God in Uncertainty

We’ll start this day with a question that burns in all of our hearts at some time or another. How do I know if my husband has told me everything? The answer to that question falls somewhere between “You can’t” and “You’ll know.” Let me put it this … [Read more...]

Finding Freedom for Yourself

If you are going to heal and find freedom for yourself on this journey, you need to be able to look at truth squarely in the eye and seek God’s counsel on how to respond to the reality of your situation. If you deny the truth, you may naively put … [Read more...]

Five Guys and Addiction

Now I do want to talk for a few minutes about five different guys. Pay attention because you are probably married to one of them. These guys have all disclosed at least some of their sexual sin and addictive behaviors to a counselor and/or their … [Read more...]

Journey – Week Forty-Three

After a time of formal disclosure has taken place—usually one or two days after the meeting and a wife has had time to process what she has heard—she oftentimes is overwhelmed by a great host of questions that flood her mind, questions she forgot to … [Read more...]

Journey – Week Forty-Two

The more details you know about your husband’s stuff, the harder it will be for you to let go of your hurt and pain and the more difficult it will be for you to move through the grieving process.  Think about it. What books sell the best and are … [Read more...]