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Journey – Week Forty-One

Today we are going to talk about a very important subject related to disclosure. I’ve entitled today’s discussion, “What We Want to Know vs. What We Need to Know.” …From my perspective, I see four main objectives for a time of disclosure. To … [Read more...]

Journey – Week Forty

Let me make a few other comments before we take a look at God’s heart on the subject of disclosure. First, the timing of disclosure is important. If your husband is serious about his recovery, full disclosure to you should take place about a month … [Read more...]

Journey – Week Thirty-Nine

Last week, we discussed three important elements needed during a healthy time of disclosure. Journey – Week Thirty-Eight Let me quickly illustrate some things that can happen if you don’t have these three elements in place during a time of … [Read more...]

Journey – Week Thirty-Eight

This (blog post) we are going to examine the dynamics of disclosure. We are going to talk about how disclosure should take place, and what you should learn about your husband’s behavior during a time of disclosure. We will take a look at how … [Read more...]

Journey – Week Thirty-Seven

(Today) we are going to talk about disclosure. Any idea about what I mean by that word?  In the context of this lesson what I mean by disclosure is the process in which a man who struggles with sexual addiction tells others about his sexual … [Read more...]