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Walking Free – Week Thirty-Nine

Staying in Control

The book of Exodus chronicles the Israelites’ journey from Egypt to the Promised Land. For over 30 years the Jewish people had suffered as slaves. Finally, after their miraculous release, they were making their way to freedom.

But the road between slavery and freedom is not easy. After their initial euphoria wore off, the Israelites began to have second thoughts. Even though they had been slaves in Egypt, they had maintained some control over their lives and routine. Now in the desert—the toughest part of their journey—they were completely reliant on God for direction and support. This lack of control actually made them long for the predictability of slavery.

We often fall into the same mindset. Sexual sin gives us a degree of control in our lives. As we make our own journey from bondage to freedom, we are tempted to return to sexual sin to ease the pain. But we must be careful to avoid viewing our past through the deceptive haze of nostalgia. Instead, we can choose to trust and rely on God during our journey to healing and restoration.

Brother and friend, don’t go back to Egypt!

– Troy Haas, First Steps

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