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Walking Free – Week Forty-Three

Blaming Others

Passing the buck seems to be a part of human nature. It’s so instinctive, in fact, that we find the first “Blame Game” taking place between the first man and woman. After Adam and Eve disobeyed God, He questioned them about their sin. Adam’s response? He blamed Eve, who then blamed the devil.

People haven’t changed much since then. We still search for ways to excuse our poor choices. For those of us struggling with sexual sin, we may blame our parents, our wives, even God, for our behavior. But these excuses hold us back from true repentance and delay God’s work in our lives.

It’s human nature to dodge responsibility for our failures. Yet excuses can hamper our recovery and hinder our healing. It’s essential that we take full responsibility for our actions and choices. Honesty will lead us to repentance and humility, and allow God to truly change our hearts and minds.

– Troy Haas, First Steps

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