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Walking Free – Week Forty-One

Not Allowing Room for Jesus and What He’s Saying to You

During one of His public teachings, Jesus had an interesting dialogue with His audience. The topic was their Jewish heritage, and the resulting right to be called God’s children. But while Jesus acknowledged their lineage, He questioned their actual relationship with God. Jesus wondered if they were truly God’s children, why they didn’t have room for His word to them.

We can make the same mistake. We can grow too confident in our way of doing things. As we begin to overcome certain thoughts and behaviors, our progress can actually make us feel less dependent on God.

The Jewish people knew they were God’s children. But this knowledge caused them to become arrogant and resistant to His voice. Their confidence was in themselves, and not the God they claimed to serve.

Likewise, it’s important that regardless of how far we’ve come and how great our personal success, we always allow room for God in our lives. Because no matter how much progress we make, it’s vital that we continue to listen to His voice.

– Troy Haas, First Steps

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