Walking Free is a confidential support and discipleship group which offers accountability for men struggling with pornography addiction and sexual addiction. The program is designed both for those who are new to sex addiction recovery and for those who have been in recovery for some time.

Creating safe space for authentic relationships is central to Walking Free. In order to maintain a safe and confidential group environment, Walking Free is a closed group, meaning that only men who are enrolled in our sex addiction recovery and have demonstrated readiness for the group are invited to join. Prospective new group members are assessed for readiness through a brief phone interview with a Walking Free leader. Men invited to participate are also required to sign a confidentiality agreement in order to protect the safety of the group. After these requirements are met, new members participate in a multi-week orientation phase before joining a “Level 1” Walking Free group.


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Who can participate in a Walking Free group?

• Men who are at least 18 years old
• Men who have acknowledged that they have a problem and are willing to be honest with others about their struggles
• Men whose sexual desires/behaviors are in conflict with their expressed beliefs or values

What can I expect at a Walking Free meeting?

Sex addiction recovery at HopeQuest was created to be as supportive and open as possible. A typical Walking Free meeting begins in a large group setting with a time of worship, testimony and teaching. Men then divide up into safe and structured small groups of six to eight for sharing and accountability. Small group time closes with prayer for each man. When you come to Walking Free, expect an environment of acceptance and grace in which men can be honest and real with one another. You can also expect to be understood and encouraged, as well as challenged and held accountable.

What materials/curriculum do you use in Walking Free?

The workbooks used in Walking Free’s sex addiction recovery program are designed to connect with Christian men overcoming sex addiction. They are proven, practical and integrated with spiritual principles and written in a conversational style that feels very relatable. The First Steps workbook orients men to group, teaches them how to begin identifying and expressing feelings, and leads them to honestly share their hearts with other men. Building for Freedom is a 15-week workbook that lays out a practical plan for gaining freedom from addictive behaviors, while building authentic relationships with God and other men. You can learn more about these materials, as well as purchase copies, in our store.


Walking Free groups meet in other locations in metro-Atlanta and in other states. If you’re interested in joining one of our groups, see if there is a Walking Free group near you.


Interested in starting a Walking Free group near you? HopeQuest provides materials, as well as coaching, in a proven process of starting a successful sex addiction recovery group.