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Is Christian Rehab Right for Me?

Christian rehab

Some people are drawn to Christ-centered addiction treatment because they want a program that integrates their faith into their treatment. But do only devoted Christians choose a Christian rehab environment for help with their addiction?

To get to know our participants in the Trek program at HopeQuest, I took a long look at the types of people who come to our program. I was interested in their perspective on God and the church, as well as their relationship with Christ.

I was surprised at what I found. You might be too. Out of those I surveyed, I found four types of people who come to HopeQuest.

4 Types of People Who Choose Christian Rehab

  1. Those skeptical of Christianity and the church but willing to listen.
  2. Those wounded by the church, church leaders, and other Christians.
  3. Genuine followers of Christ whose addictive behaviors dominate their lives.
  4. Christians trapped in a performance-based theology marked by legalism, religious tradition, self-effort, and masks.

A Christ-Centered Perspective

At HopeQuest, we integrate a Christ-centered perspective with clinically-effective interventions to provide our clients addiction treatment in a safe spiritual community. We don’t believe individuals should have to sacrifice one over the other.

So, whether you are a committed Christian or skeptical of the church and Christianity, our approach is not religious or preachy. It’s relational.

At HopeQuest, we believe the opposite of addiction is connection, so our program focuses on helping our clients develop authentic, emotionally-connected relationships with themselves, God, and others. We do this by working to remove the internal obstacles that get in the way of authentic connection and addressing the hurt, resentment, fear, and shame underneath the addictive behaviors.

That’s what God does for us, you know. He looks past our behaviors to see us–the real us–with all of our wounded and broken places. God asks us to surrender control and allow Him to heal us and change us from the inside out. He invites us to experience His acceptance and learn to think differently about ourselves so that we can act differently, choosing a better path for our lives.

Why People Come to HopeQuest

All anyone really wants is to feel loved, accepted, and safe. That’s why people are drawn to HopeQuest. They are thirsty to be known and accepted for who they are – as they are. People hope that it is actually possible to be loved and accepted despite their behaviors. They may be afraid that if we really knew them, we couldn’t love them. However, deep inside, they long for connection.

Isn’t that what you want?

No matter who you are, where you are spiritually, or how you come to consider us, there is one thing we want you to know above all else – God loves you and is for you. He is far more interested in connecting with you than judging your actions.

And we are too. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, let us help you find your way to authentically connected relationships with yourself, God, and others–and ultimately, freedom from addiction.

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