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Finding the Freedom and Hope You Need in Woodstock GA

Finding Freedom and Hope-1

“Wow! Look at the rolling hills and the trees. It’s beautiful here!” My wife spoke these words over 21 years ago as we arrived in Woodstock for the first time. We were moving here because God had opened a door for us to continue our recovery journey in this amazing town. We soon fell in love with the community and the people who welcomed us into it and were happy to continue finding freedom and hope in Woodstock.

Giving Back

As we healed, we determined to give back to the community the love and comfort we had received when we needed it most. We were part of a team that opened a new ministry for people in Woodstock who were struggling with addiction. Over the last twenty years, HopeQuest has become a place for men and their families to find freedom and hope.

HopeQuest has always had a 90-day Christ-centered, evidenced-based residential treatment program for men. But, we realized we needed another option for men who needed an intermediate level of care. We created the first Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) several years ago in Woodstock. It is the only Christ-centered and clinically effective IOP in Cherokee County and the NW Metro Atlanta area.

Finding Hope and Freedom

If you, a friend, or a loved one is struggling with addictions of any kind, HopeQuest can help. Our professional staff can help evaluate which program is best for the individuals who come to us for help. Our IOP is a great option for men who need to continue working but also need a higher level of care than outpatient counseling and support groups. We are state-licensed and CARF accredited and take insurance for clients struggling with substance addictions.

We love Woodstock, and we love giving back to the community. Let us help those you care about find the freedom and hope they need.

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