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Don’t Be a Loser at the Blame Game…

Blaming others is giving ourselves away in little pieces. Every time I blame I give power to someone else to define who I am. And every time I give power away to others, I lose the ability to control myself.

Real change can only happen if I harness all of the power God has given me to fight the temptations and trials I am promised on this journey. Our propensity to refuse ownership by blaming others weakens us greatly. Sometimes it is the reason we fail.

Power is released from God in us toward sinful attitudes and behaviors that we own. His power covers, heals, and restores—working in us to make us whole and useful. But when we blame, power leaves us and moves instead to the hand of the enemy who uses it to fuel the destructive cycle of shame, failure, and regret.

Choose to take ownership, and you will choose life.

– Troy Haas, First Steps


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