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Beginning Your Journey with a Solid Foundation

Think about your life right now. If your life is a piece of land on which God wants to build a home, what things are going to have to be dug up or filled in or taken away in order for him to have a level lot on which He can pour a foundation?

The first thing that needs to happen as we rebuild for freedom is the eradication of a pattern of sin that has dominated our lives. That means we need to stop acting out sexually and start living a life that reflects who we are in Christ.

…Don’t worry. I’m the last person to tell you to just stop sinning sexually and expect you to say, “Okay, I’ll quit. No problem.” I know how it feels to be powerless—to promise yourself that you’ll stop and find yourself breaking those promises the very next day. I understand the shame and the feelings of condemnation which have taken up permanent residence in your heart. I’ve lived with the self-hatred and aching loneliness. I know. But I also know that there is hope…

…Think about it. Can you imagine leveling a lot by hand without any help from another person or any tools or machines? It’s impossible. You can’t move a 750lb. boulder by yourself. Sure, you can pull up weeds and thorns and poison ivy. You’ll get a lot of scratches and itchy places. The problem is, as soon as it rains all of it will grow back, and you’ll have to start the process over again. You can kick a little dirt into a gaping ravine, but there is no way you will ever be able to fill it up. Of course, the hopelessness of the task is enough to make even the most determined man throw up his hands toward the sky and say, “Why did you do this to me, God? Why did you give me a job I can’t do? I can’t level this lot! I’m not strong enough. I don’t have anything to protect my hands from the thorns. I don’t have any tools to help me! Why, God? Why?!”

And that’s the point.

– Troy Haas, Building for Freedom

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