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It Starts with a Conversation

Getting proven and effective help is just a conversation away. The journey begins with a phone call or email to our admissions team who will listen compassionately, offer an initial assessment, and provide helpful direction about next steps in getting the help you or you loved one need.

Call our admissions team today at 678.391.5950, or email

About the Process

You can reach the admissions team at HopeQuest Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. Once you have connected with the admissions team, you will receive an email which includes a program application.  After you have returned the application, the admissions director will schedule your phone interview. Following your interview,  you will be scheduled for admission.

Financial Arrangements

At HopeQuest, we are committed to making high-quality, Christ-centered and clinically-effective treatment accessible and as affordable as possible. Every client that enters the residential program receives significant financial assistance in relation to the actual cost of their stay. As a non-profit ministry, HopeQuest is able to receive donations from partners, allowing us to offer treatment at lower costs. 

HopeQuest has also partnered with organizations that lend money specifically for recovery needs.  Terms for qualified applicants are flexible and designed to meet the needs of the client. HopeQuest does not receive a commission, kick-back, or any type of referral fee for clients that choose to use these lending options.


HopeQuest is able to accept insurance for drug and alcohol clients as an out-of-network addiction treatment provider.  We work with clients to achieve the least out-of-pocket expense possible. Most insurance providers pay on a per-day or per-diem basis. Because we are committed to and believe a 12-week process is necessary for continued recovery success, we contract with clients for a maximum out-of-pocket expense, regardless of the number of days approved by the insurance company. This strategy allows HopeQuest to provide high-quality care while alleviating hidden costs and surprise charges to clients and their families.

Ready to start your new chapter addiction-free?