HopeQuest exists in order to be an instrument in the process of helping individuals repair their lives, restore their families, and become a part of establishing and building communities with strong relationships, active workers, and future leaders.

The Quest for Hope must be guided by a process of mature and healthy structure along with wise counsel and direction regarding personal life choices including accountability and support throughout the day to day experience of life and its stressors and difficulties. HopeQuest provides the structure and direction needed to help persons successfully accomplish the life transformation process and the achievement of positive life change.

A representative service fee for other programs that would compare to the single HopeQuest model component called The TREK Program is $600 daily. For a 90-day program, that amounts to somewhere in the neighborhood of $54,000. The staff and leadership at The HopeQuest Ministry Group, Inc. believe this to be beyond the reach of most families in crisis. Therefore, it has been the policy of HopeQuest to operate truly as a non-profit ministry in addition adopting policies and operating strategies which help make the cost of ministry programs and treatment services lower.

In addition, we believe that the ministry programs at HopeQuest are significantly different in the following ways:

1. The HopeQuest Ministry Group, Inc. provides the opportunity for Christian medical, psychological, and psychiatric professionals to work collaboratively, on a volunteer basis, on the treatment teams of participants in the ministry programming at HopeQuest.

2. Through their financial contributions, the Partners in Hope at HopeQuest make it possible for the ministry programs and treatment services to be offered at an affordable cost.

3. Many of the less intensive ministry program and service offerings provided by The HopeQuest Ministry Group, Inc. are made available at minimal cost to the client.

4. The ministry programs at HopeQuest are founded on a biblically based value system and are thoroughly influenced by a Judeo-Christian worldview and treatment philosophy.

5. Many Christian based recovery programs focus only on the spiritual nature of the addiction. The leadership and staff at HopeQuest believe that while this is the highest priority in the treatment process, it is also necessary to incorporate those elements of the treatment process for addictions that have been proven by the psychological, psychiatric, and medical communities as necessary for successful recovery.

6. Many ministry programs that offer help for addiction recovery are focused on the homeless and jobless populations; which in reality are only a subset of the entire community of people who have been influenced by or suffer from addiction related concerns. The ministry programming at HopeQuest provides a more comprehensive, balanced, and focused approach concerning the possible needs of those who struggle with addictions.

7. The HopeQuest Ministry Group, Inc. is one of the few organizations, nationally, that offers assistance for three distinctive problem areas: alcohol abuse, substance abuse, and sexual brokenness. In addition, the TREK Program (our residential offering) specializes in clients who suffer with comorbid mental health concerns (dual-diagnosis).

8. The staff at HopeQuest all profess a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and believe it impossible for a Christian person to subdue or suppress a natural manifestation their Christian faith in daily life. Therefore, it is to be expected that Judeo-Christian convictions and biblically based value systems will be evident in their daily life interactions with others – including clients participating in the HopeQuest clinical treatment services and ministry programs.

9. The ministry programming at HopeQuest has been able to maintain its distinctively Judeo-Christian philosophy and biblically based value system while also incorporating the needed elements of psychological theory and medical knowledge that help to understand the addictive personality, it’s developmental pathway, and the clinical skills that assist in breaking through denial, handling client resistance, while building a therapeutic relationship with the client and guiding them through a successful transformation and change (recovery) process.

10. With the collaborative efforts of our professional clinicians who volunteer on our treatment teams and ministry program leadership roles, The HopeQuest Ministry Group, Inc. is able to provide the multifaceted and comprehensive set of ministry programs designed to meet the needs of the suffering individual and also spouses and families. Many professional programs break down at this particular point because of the overwhelming expense of providing the multifaceted continuum of care needed in order to experience a successful addiction recovery effort

11. Finally, the leadership, staff, and volunteers at The HopeQuest Ministry Group, Inc. believe they have been called by God to serve in their capacity at HopeQuest. It is not a job, it is a calling. Because of this, the leadership, staff, and volunteers share the compassionate loving heart of God in meeting the needs of broken and wounded people.