Our clients need much prayer for the strength and courage to face and work through the many difficult things that must be addressed in drug and alcohol counseling, and therapy. In addition, the enemy would not want them to be successful on their recovery journey. So, as you might expect, there is much opposition regarding their personal recovery journey efforts.

Our staff and their families need prayers for protection, provision, strength, courage, long suffering, peace, and comfort to know that the Lord Jesus is a work in our midst. Daily, we deal with many difficult things and the enemy is constantly attempting to thwart the work at HopeQuest. The best way to accomplish that would be to cause the staff to either be discouraged and feel defeated, or to fall morally. Please pray for us in this area.

Our budget and funding needs. The current U.S. economic crisis has taken a toll on all of us – including non-profit organizations. Without our faithful Partners in Hope, it simply isn’t possible to keep the ministry operations functioning. And the truth is, many of our financial partners have not been able to continue their support in undergoing the ministry work at HopeQuest.