The HopeQuest Ministry Group, Inc. offers a comprehensive set of Christian ministry programs designed to support healing and growth for persons, including their marriages and families, who struggle with life dominating issues related to alcohol and substance dependence and/or sexual brokenness. While much of the mental health helping profession has been developed by the secular disciplines of psychology, psychiatry, and mental health, it is our belief that it is God’s intent for psychological and emotional healing to take place within the body of Christ in the community of local believers and in the context of the local church.

In the context of the professional secular disciplines, mental health professionals have been influenced to consider Christian faith as a religious practice that can be active or inactive by personal choice. Rather, it must be established that true Christian faith is a lifestyle which results from characterological change and progressive transformation in the life of an individual who participates in a true Christian salvation experience. In the professional mental health helping community, it must be established that it is not possible for a Christian individual to fully repress the expression of their Christian worldview and Biblically based value system when working with clients in the counseling context. Rather than attempts to integrate Christian faith into psychological theory and practice, it must be established that the Judeo-Christian worldview is a domain in which the Christian professional is free to operate. Therefore, the more appropriate course of action for the truly Christian mental health professional is to disclose their Christian beliefs during the Informed Consent process.

It is our belief that pornography is immoral and its use is not only sinful, but can also become an idolatrous practice. Pornography feeds the lust inherent in the human mind and heart. It is a form of sexual practice which turns sexual energy inward. This drives a satanic stake in the heart of true intimacy which is God’s intent for the marriage relationship. Not only is the individual affected, but marriages and families are harmed in the process.

Because of the unregulated obscenity freely available on today’s World Wide Web, it is not only possible for children to misuse the internet, but also for children to innocently stumble across inappropriate [including visual] information. The unfortunate result is a loss of innocence that will have a lifelong impact on a child.

Finally, the modern day malady of sexual abuse has resulted in the victimization of children, something that should arouse righteous indignation in the heart and mind of every Christian person. Instead, the church at large hardly realizes that there is such a concern to be dealt with, much less how to bring healing and hope – in the name of Jesus – to innocent children (and adults who were victimized as a child) who now sit in the pews of every congregation.